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Java Script


Kupo's tutorial Guide

Tutorials Welcome to Kupo's Tutorials...

Yes i have decided to share my information on html...Java...and such..i put a wide variety of scrips..i hope you like em..use them on your site i dont care..you dont have to link me either..just if you wanna you can.

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Aww..i couldnt make any yet..If some one would help me i would gladly love that person ^-^ *hint hint*

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If a Page in my site is messed up..or you think something might become messed up,please report this to me A.S.A.P.(As soon as possible)..Thanks a Million ^^.Also Email me your site,if you think i might like it..you never know i might put it up in the links section ^^..But link me too..it should be fair game. Chocobo3013@aol.com