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F a k e R e a l i t y

Quizzes i have taken I have taken so many quizzes that it may take a eternity for this page to load/...
Click here to find out what element YOU are!

What fuzzy creature are you?

I'm a......

Take Squiggle UK's 'Are you addicted to online tests' test

You're the sweetheart of Tiny's World!
What Tiny's World character are you?.

Girls, commence drooling now.
Find out what anime bad boy you are.

Cutest little dragon master.
Find out what anime girl you are.

Lil Boy You strive to be what your idols are, yet you are still young and not as wise as you think you are..
Find out what bishonen you are.

Super Jump
What's Your Anime Power?

Take the Anime Sountrack Quiz

Twelve angels descended from Heaven, each
putting a piece of themselves into those
who would follow them....
Which Angel rests inside you?
Challenge their trial to find out.


According to the Emoticon Selector, my #1 match today is Yawning.
What are you?

I am

a younger girl from an indian tribe. i
love science and knowledge, yet i still
hold still on my traditional customs. raised
as a warrior, i don't pay attention much
to my own beauty.

take Which Tekken Character Are You test!

If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Naga the White Serpent!  Who would you be? Take this quiz at Those Five Dorks!
Whose Sense Of Humor Do YOU Share?

test by Leanne
which CCS character are you?

What kind of ANGEL are you?
Quiz made by Angela
Are you NASTY or NICE?
Quiz made by Angela
Which Avril Lavigne Song Are You?
Which "Natural Wonder" are you?

According to the Alien Abduction Test There is a 42% chance that I've been abducted by Aliens!
Find out what kind of driver you are!

Which flock do you follow?
this quiz was made by alanna
Which rugrat are you?
If I were a Neopet... I'd be a Poogle!

Poogles were originally discovered in the Northern provinences of Neopia. They may be cute and cuddly, but don't be fooled, these critters have extremely sharp teeth.
Which Neopet are you?
Which Neopet are you? Click here to find out!


If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Galadriel, Elf, Queen of Lothlorien, wife of Celeborn and grandmother of Arwen.

In the movie, I am played by Cate Blanchett.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

I'm Popcorn!
What Snack Food are YOU? Click here to find out!
Take This Quiz!
How dumb are you?

Find out what anime girl you are.

Your magical style is Psychic.
What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

Find out what anime series you belong in.


So... what's on TV tonight?
If you were a room in a house, what room would you be?

I'm a Fire Spirit

You are the Dragon. In medieval Europe, dragons were considered mostly evil and a generally bad omin. Christianity linked the dragon with Satan because of the dragon's snake-like apperance. However, to the Orient cultures the dragon was a symbol of widom and roalty. It was a benign animal and the fifth creature of the Chinese zodiac. It resided over the east and the sunsrise. It was also said to bring rain and the springtime. The dragon is interesting because it combines all four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. It could fly, had the horns of a ox, breathed fire, and resided over the moon.
What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

take the death quiz.
and go to laura = great.
I Am A Mr. Saturn
Take the What Will Your Result To This Quiz Be? Quiz
by napoleonherself, if you are so inclined.

Take the Final Fantasy X personality test here! by What Was Your PastLife?
Take the Final Fantasy X personality test here! by

You’re Michelle Branch! You’re the ‘girl nextdoor’ type of gal. You’ve got a down-to-earth feel about you, and you’re not afraid to be original. You’re still trying to find yourplace in life, but that doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying the trip. Rich and famous? Sure! But you’re not gonna let that go to your head. ;D
What Kind of Pop Princess Are You? Quiz by Jonah

You are Fozzie!
Wokka Wokka! You love to make lame jokes. Your sense of humor might be a bit off, but you're a great friend and can always be counted on.

you have an ominosity quotient of


you are probably somewhat ominous. maybe.

find out your ominosity quotient.

You are Quackerjack!
It's playtime! You enjoy attacking the good guys, but your evil is undermined by your short attention span and the fact that you're a little out of touch with reality.
Take the Darkwing Duck Villain Quiz by!

Sarcastic FF X character selector

i'm a pup.what kinda pet are you?
quiz made by muna.
I'm a Circle!
take the "Geometric Figure" test at Unparalleled!
I am 75% Happy!
take the "How Happy Are You?" test at Unparalleled!
Are you Addicted to the Internet?

Newbie (21% - 40%)
You've started to learn that there is more to the internet than AOL. You've recovered from that email virus that wiped your hard drive and are thinking of getting DSL. You still tend to forward too many jokes and inspirational thoughts via email to your entire address book.

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at!

~ Take the Quiz at
What FFVII character are you?? Find out here!!! by !!

I am a hip critter. I showed up fasionably late with Super Mario World and have started launching your own career since then. In maybe 10-15 years, my popularity will rival Mario's. Not that I'm competing with him. He's my bud. I'm good at getting and keeping friends, and they value me for that. After all, who else would carry them on their back through ice, fire, and rain? Sometimes I think I'm taken for granted, but I know that my friends have my back. Of course they do. Who would screw over Yoshi?

What Super Mario Bros character are you?

You're AIM!
You're AIM, probably the most popular instant messenger out there. The bad thing is that you're run by a bunch of corporate assholes, but what isn't nowadays?
Which PPG are you?

I'm a......

Take Squiggle UK's 'Are you addicted to online tests' test

I'm a Black Yoshi!

Don't like your result? Take the quiz again!

What Inuyasha Character are you?
You're M&M's!
You have a lot of mood swings. One day you're almond, the next you're crunchy. Make up your mind! People can always find you, since you're just that cool. Or not.
take the "Kitchen Utensil Test" test at Unparalleled!

You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at!

find your inner PIE @

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

discover your inner candy heart @
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