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F a k e R e a l i t y

Funny Crap Yeh yeh this is the funny crap section..Totally weird stuff me or one of my friends make up ok the first thing is "What to do at a grocery store when you are bored.."(like hannafords or Walmart or Kmart or something.)This is all i have on the funny if you have a good idea let me know and send me something..i will give you credit ^-^

1.Look for Change on the floor

2.Get M+Ms and sprinkle them in different areas of the store

3.Start pressing all of the annoying sounds on toys

4.Run around pretending to throw up on someone

5.Take a nap on the store furniture untill you get kicked out

6.Throw random things into other aisles

7.Try looking for the bathroom,Seriouslly those thingys are hidden 0.0

8.Turn all of the radios volume up to ten or Higher

9.Start building a fort and throw stuff at other people

10.Ask someone questions in a weird accent

11.dress up in costumes so you can keep getting food from the food samper

12.Take the Shopping Carts and randomly smash them into Departments

13.Start coughing so people stare infront of the entrance camera

15.Ride the kiddy bikes into stacked up supplies

16.Hula hoop until you get dizzy

17.Play monkey in the middle so you block people from going into the aisle

18.Play the videogame systems

19.Eat the food at the salad bar somersaults down the aisles

If you try any of these things please do not sue me if you get caught..There is always a time you will,but anyways is just for isnt really serious..Yeah..if you dont know me already i most likely did all of this stuff lmfao..

More to come and more Madness at your local store..

Inside jokes "Survivor Icleand! CAN YOU FIND THE KIWI!?"

..It's about trying to find a kiwi in iceland LoL..Me and my friend Sweater monkeys made Total inside joke,..big time :P....dont get in my way *freaks out and lets off stink bombs in someones pants*..Smell ya later -.-

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