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Tidus-Yuna Connection


Al bhed

Voice casting



F a k e R e a l i t y

FinalFantasy X

Dead for a thousand years...

A great terror arose from the deep.

It swept across the world

A long past still lingers.

Destiny cannot be denied

A burder grows heavier.

To the kingdom of the sun

Across the vast sea.

To the unknown

The journey home begins.

Release Date

Japan 7.19.01

USA 12.18.01

Europe 05.31.02

Platform PlayStation 2

Developer Squaresoft

Discs One

Players One

Rating Teen

Fakereality's rating 9 out of 10

FFX a great game made by square soft..Possiblly one of the best games i have played,The voices were pretty good..they werent as good at the japanese voices but they were ok.The graphics were excellent..When you were walking around as tidus it looked like it was playing a cinma in FF8 or something.Overall it was great, on the links to the left to read about this great game ^^.

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2/23/03:Coolness..Spirited Away won best animated film at the Acadamy Awards..i always wanted to see that movie too..i herd it was good.

2/22/03:Yeh i am typing with stinks..i sprained my arm at a roller skating rink..psychos kept pushing me so i fell down alot..i hate Roller magic (the skating place)I never want to go there again *sobs*.This is what i posted at RR roller blading + being sick = arm in a slingLmfao..Go there to read the whole coverage on what happened to me lol

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