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Rurouni Kenshin

Yu Yu hakusho

Card Captor Sakura

Digi Charat

Sailor moon

Serial Experiments lain


Love Hina

F a k e R e a l i t y

Anime yay the anime section is it underconstruction?..YAY..Well i will be doing the Rurouni Kenshin and the Yu Yu hakusho Stuff sit your fanny down on that chair and wait..

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3/25/03:I should be actually working on the site friend Maken said he would help me ^^

3/24/03:Aol is Supa gay...i hate is so much..i got knocked offline over eight times today..god help me..Who ever said aol was the easiest,#1 online service provider..was Wrong..Meh.My sister,Tia, gave me a picture of the cutest cat cat joe Ultra cute pic ^^;

2/23/03:Coolness..Spirited Away won best animated film at the Acadamy Awards..i always wanted to see that movie too..i herd it was good.

2/22/03:Yeh i am typing with stinks..i sprained my arm at a roller skating rink..psychos kept pushing me so i fell down alot..i hate Roller magic (the skating place)I never want to go there again *sobs*.This is what i posted at RR roller blading + being sick = arm in a slingLmfao..Go there to read the whole coverage on what happened to me lol

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Aww..i couldnt make any yet..If some one would help me i would gladly love that person ^-^ *hint hint*

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